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 22nd June 2021

Digger has been very busy…… growing, sleeping, training and most importantly at this stage, playing!

He has had his second vaccination and is loving being able to wear his very small harness and go on short walks. The school field is a firm favourite as Digger loves to be around the children at school.

Training is going well and Digger is responding really well to commands and picking up new ones quickly. As a therapy puppy we need Digger to be able to tolerate changes in situations that happen quickly, loud noises and most importantly respond to commands even with big distractions.

Digger most certainly is a pup with such a big heart and we can’t wait for him to bring so much joy to others. However, if he could sleep last 4am that would be amazing!

Digger 3.jpg

4th July 2021


Look at me!!! I’m getting good at this walking

My training is going well. I’ve been working on giving mum eye contact before I’m allowed to have a treat and I’m doing really great at it!

School has been great fun this week. I met lots of new children who will be coming to my school soon, we even had a teddy bears picnic together.
I met some great girls at school who love to run with me on the school field, which is so much fun!!

I’m getting better at sleeping, mum and dad seem really pleased with that but say I must remember to nap in the daytime too. (Don’t know why, I have so much to explore, there are so many new things I find each day)

Anyway, I hope you are all ok and I can’t wait to share with you my next adventures.

11th July 2021


Digger has had a wonderful week. He is now 15 weeks old and growing every day.
Diggers training is going well, we have been working on ignoring distraction and today he showed just how far he has come.
We went along to a dog show to allow Digger to socialise with other dogs but also to put his training into practice.
Digger went into the ring for the best puppy contest and we were blown away by how he focused solely on me and ignored all the other dogs (about 40) that were near him.  He had a great morning meeting dogs of all breeds.
He has missed some of the older children this week who have been away on their school residential to PGL.
He continues to show so much love to all around him and is becoming a perfect therapy dog.

digger 6.jpg
digger 4.jpg

23rd July 2021


It’s the end of the school year and Digger is very excited about the six week summer holidays!

Digger had a wonderful week at school, saying goodbye to the Year 6 children, ice cream vans and much much more.

Training is going well and Digger has mastered ‘Paw’ on command. This week and over the next six weeks, Diggers training will be more intense. We will work on waiting for longer periods of time to allow the children to read to him. We will begin loose lead walking on his special training lead and we will carry on his recall so he can get off lead ASAP.  Digger is not scared of loud sounds and his praise training is working wonderfully.

Today was a day of firsts as we had a lovely morning at the beach and introduced Digger to sand and the sea. Living up to his name he enjoyed digging for treasure in the sand and dipped his toes in the North Sea.
It’s important for us that we teach Digger how to swim. As a therapy dog his role will be so diverse, so it’s important that he feels safe and confident in as many areas as possible.

Here at Nature’s Den we are extremely proud of how well Digger has progressed and he continues to show so much love to all children who meet him.

10th August 2021


Digger is now five months old and is thriving!!

The summer holidays are an exciting time for a young pup and Digger has been making the most of this wonderful sunshine.

Digger has enjoyed evenings at the beach with his big brother Trooper discovering what Jelly Fish and Crabs are. Still a little unsure of the water but we will get there.

We have been exploring some hidden treasures of the Countryside and Digger loves the corn fields and even met some sheep this week.

Training is going well and Digger has been meeting so many new people, learning to wait and be practicing loose lead walking.

We hope you are all enjoying the summer too!

dig field.jpg
Digger 7.jpg

16th August 2021


The adventures of Digger the Therapy dog continue….so what has he been busy doing?


Recall training is going REALLY well. Digger loves being off lead and comes back regularly to ‘check in’. Although Digger will always be on lead when when ‘working’, it’s important that he gets the exercise he needs and can run and explore the great outdoors.

We have been working on walking on strange services. Digger wasn’t keen on the wooden bridge over the river, but with some gentle persuasion and perseverance he has finally mastered it. To work as a therapy dog, Digger might need to walk through unfamiliar surroundings and feel confident and relaxed enough to do so, so it’s important we vary his walks and explore new places together.


Digger is still a puppy and loves to chew, although he is nipping much less and loves to munch on a 🥕 carrot.


Ongoing training we are working on is not jumping up when he meets new people and waiting when needed.


Keep up the good work Digger!!!

2nd September 2021

That’s a wrap!!!


The summer holidays are over.

Digger has had a wonderful summer. He has grown soooo much and has started to loose his baby teeth .

Over summer Digger has mastered Stay, Paw and Fetch. He is really looking forward to being back with the children and exploring school again.

We have so much exciting news to share with you in the coming weeks about digger, but for now he is off to bed ready for a day at school tomorrow.

digger August.jpg

3rd October 2021

Digger has been really busy over the past few weeks, growing, growing and growing some more!!

He now weighs 9kg and the vet says he is going to be a fairly small Cocker Spaniel. He may be small but he has bags of love and energy and is changing every day.

Digger now has a love for chasing balls and playing fetch, and today saw him attend his first rugby match to watch one of our older boys play. Digger got very excited with all the cheering and shouting and was delighted that his team won!!!

Diggers training is going really well and he adores being around children(I’m certain he believes he is one ).

Our team at Natures Den have been so busy with parties and events that we forget to share his milestones with you all, so we will try harder to remember.

Here he is today, looking rather cute!

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